Hello! I'm Yossef Zenati



I'm a theoretical physicist and astrophysicist.
Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at the Physics Department at Technion 
University under the supervision of Prof. Hagai Perets.

I'll be moving to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A in September for a Postdoctoral Fellow.

I study thermonuclear supernovae (Type Ia, Type Ic, Type b/c, ...), both numerically
and analytically. Type Ia supernovae are among the most energetic
and least understood phenomena in the Universe.
I use hydrodynamic simulations to study nuclear burning, turbulent 
nuclear burning, double white dwarf mergers and mergers of other compact 
objects with white dwarfs.


In my free time, I enjoy climbing mountains and urban walls, also 
Science is one of my passions, especially mathematics.


I work on binary systems made of Neutron Stars (NS) and White Dwarfs 
(WD), as well as double White Dwarf systems, and core-collapse of massive, rapidly rotating stars. I study how they form, evolve and merge, and the transient events they produce. I also work on resolving the critical conditions for deflagration and detonation shock waves.
Currently, I am studying turbulent nuclear burning, which can largely enhance nuclear burning rates and may serve as an additional mechanism for stellar explosions. Moreover, it may power thermonuclear and pair-instability supernovae, liberate the neutrinos in core-collapse supernovae, and synthesize r-process heavy nuclei in kilonovae and collapsars.















hypotheses are extensive hydrodynamical, thermonuclear, AMR, multidimensional simulations coupled with detailed nuclear reaction networks ( The computational requirements for these MESA , FLASH). In order to explore a large parameter space of initial conditions. The results of these simulations were followed by an analysis of composition using a large scale nucleosynthetic network – (PPN). These enable us just to calculate the detailed properties of SN’s ejecta. The results of post-processing were also used as an input for modeling the radiative transfer evolution (SuperNu), which is used to provide detailed (light curve/spectra) predictions for the observable properties arising from each theoretical model and chemical composition of SN ejecta.



















My ongoing projects are done under the supervision of Prof.Hagai Perets and in collaboration with:


  • Prof. Robert Fisher, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA.

  • Prof. Brian Metzger, Columbia University, New York, USA.

  • Associate Faculty Silvia Toonen, University of Birmingham, UK.

  • Associate Faculty Daniel Siegal, University of Guelph, Canada.

  • Dr. Yael Hillman, AMNH, New York, USA.

  • Alexey Bobrick, Lund University, Sweden. 

  • Dr. Ruediger Pakmor, Max Planck Institute for AstrophysicsDeutschland.


• IAU 357 Travel Grant Awards,  2019

•Irwin and Joan Jacobs Excellence Fellowship for outstanding

  graduate students: Yuhubd and Cohen A.Z, 2017

•Council for Higher Education - Planning and Budgeting Committee Technion’s     Graduate Student Research Grant, 2017 - 2019, 2020

•Technion’s Graduate Student Research Grant, 2016 - 2019

•Tel-Aviv University- Faculty of Exact Sciences - honors summa cum laude, 2011

•Technion’s Undergraduate Dean’s list, 2007


•Seminar, Tel-Aviv University (TAU), Tel-Aviv, Israel, Dec 2019

White Dwarfs as probes of fundamental physics and tracers of planetary, stellar and galactic evolution  (IAU Symposium 357), Hawaii, USA, Oct 2019


•Compact White Dwarf Binaries (CWDB 2019), Yerevan, Armenia, Sep 2019


•Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae, Lijiang, China, Aug 2019


•The Beginnings and Ends of Double White Dwarfs, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jul 2019


•Technion Physics Graduate project, Haifa, Israel, Jun 2019


•Seminar, University of Maryland, Washington DC, USA, April 2019


•Seminar, Columbia University, New York, USA, Feb 2019


•Seminar, Brown University, Boston, USA, Feb 2019


•Seminar, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Boston, USA, June 2019


•Lunch talk, Columbia University, New York, USA, July 2018

TAPIR Special Seminar, Caltech, Pasadena CA, USA, July 2018


•Observational Signatures of SN Ia, Leiden, the Netherlands, Feb 2018


•Astronomy Israel day, Jerusalem, Israel, Jan 2018


•The Physics of Extreme - Gravity Stars, Nordita Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, Jun 2017


•Lunch talk, Columbia University, New York, USA, Aug 2016




•Teaching Assistant - Physics 2,

  2st-year undergraduate course.

•Teaching Assistant - Modern Physics 3H,

  2st-year undergraduate course.


•Teaching Assistant - Quantum physics 2,

  3rd year advanced undergraduate course.


•Teaching Assistant - Electrostatics and Electromagnet Physics 2MM,

  1st-year undergraduate course.


•Teaching Assistant - Astrophysics & Cosmology,

   3rd year advanced undergraduate course.


•Teaching Assistant - Classical Physics 1P,

  1st-year undergraduate course.





•Mor Rozner & Yael Raveh (Graduate student, Technion) Besides Prof. H. B. Perets.


•Malik, Ethan (High School pupil), part of the Alpha Program for gifted pupils as partial fulfillment of their matriculation.


•Mentoring and teaching in the ”AL-MARAM” for Science - Israel Arabic

science guides the schools' student and teacher projects.


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