Berry Branches


  • My publications can be found through NASA's ADS (link).

  • Another database is Google Scholar, although not that updated (link).


  • Recent Collaborations :

    • Dr. Alexey Bobrick, Lund University, Sweden.  Topic: SN Ia & NS-WD mergers- theory & simulation.

    • Prof. Anna Frishman, Technion Institute, Israel.  Topic: 2D turbulencetheory & simulation.

    • Dr. Armin Rest, STScI, USA.  Topic: SNIa, Ib/c & IIb- theory & observation.

    • Prof. Brian Metzger, Columbia University, USA.  Topic: Collapsar, Transients- theory & simulation.

    • Ass. Faculty Daniel Siegal, Perimeter Institute, Ontario, Canada.  Topic: Collapsar- theory & simulation.

    • Prof. Ethan Vishniac, Johns Hopkins University, USA.  Topic: MHD turbulencetheory & simulation.

    • Prof. Hagai Perets, Technion Institute, Israel.  Topic: SN Ia & SE of WDtheory & simulation.

    • Prof. Julian Krolik, Johns Hopkins University, USA. Topic: NS-NS mergers & Neutrino fluxtheory & simulation

    • Prof. Raffaella Margutti, Northwestern University, USA.  Topic: SN Iatheory & observation.

    • Prof. Robert Fisher, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA.  Topic: SN Ia & turbulence- simulation.

    • Ass. Faculty Ruediger Pakmor, Max Planck InstituteDeutschland.  Topic: SN Iatheory & simulation.

    • Ass. Faculty Silvia Toonen, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Topic: SN Ia, WDs-theory & simulation.

    • I am a member of the Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics Network on Binary Neutron Stars (TCAN).

    • I am a member of the Young Supernova Experiment (YSE), which catches extremely young supernovae as they happen in real-time.