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Scientific trajectory


PhD., Physics

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Mechanisms for thermonuclear stellar explosions and the origin of type Ia supernovae


Advisor: Prof. Hagai B. Perets


MSc Physics, honors cum laude

TAU - Tel-Aviv University- Faculty of Exact Sciences

The Ejection Binary Stars In Parabolic Orbits By Massive Black Hole


Advisors: Prof. Shay Zucker & Prof. Amiel Sternberg



Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

BSc Physics and Geo-information engineering


  • ISEF postdoc fellowship prize                                                                                                                          2022-2023

  • The Council for Higher Education (CHE) scholarship                                                                                  2020-2022

  • Council for Higher Education - Technion’s Graduate Student Research                                                         2017-2019     

  • Irwin and Joan Jacobs Excellence Fellowship for outstanding graduate students: Yuhubd and Cohen     2017 

  • Technion’s Graduate Student Research Grant                                                                                                   2016

  • Tel-Aviv University- Faculty of Exact Sciences - summa cum laude                                                                 2011

  • Technion’s Undergraduate Dean’s list                                                                                                                2007


Recent 10:

• Workshop, SuperVirtual, Nov 2022.
• Worksho
p, TDAMM22 NASA, Annapolis, USA, Aug 2022.
• Workshop, B
OOM explosive transients, University of Illinois, USA, July 2022.
• Seminar, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, May 2022.

• Workshop, Nuclear burning in massive stars, YITP-Monash Uni, Au, July 2021

• Workshop, TCAN2021, RIT, USA, July 2021

• Seminar, HUJI University, Jerusalem, Israel, July 2021

• Seminar, STScl Institute, Baltimore, USA, March 2021

• Seminar, CENTRA Institute, Lisbon, Portugal, March 2021

• Seminar, Nordita Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, Dec 2020

• For the full list, download my CV 2022 .

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